​Speak Clearly, Speak Effectively

Dan Holliday

Inside all of us is that superhero who will chase our dreams and do the things we want to do.


Dan shows you how to build the person inside who will chase your dreams. He shows you what to do as well as how and why. He finds the logic and delivers a process for change, a template for improvement.


Sales or Speaking, Dan shows you how to deliver with confidence. Sales begins with building relationships with your prospects and serving their needs. Build powerful, effective presentations. Learn how to remember speeches. Learn to speak with confidence and enjoy getting up in front of an audience.



Do you have a special event that needs an experienced MC to help run it? Dan helps to link the individual parts into a coherent whole; he ‘joins the dots’ so everyone gets the best out of the day.

Editing and Voice Services

A message which delivers meaning and intention with clarity is vital to your audience understanding and getting the most from your book, your blog, your script or advertisement.

  • Editing sales presentations and speeches for time, content, clarity and effectiveness.
  • Editing self-help books for clarity, brevity and tone while maintaining the author’s voice and style.
  • Voice overs for broadcast messages, advertising and video or audio presentations.
  • Vocal recording for self-help books, instructional texts and novels.

About Dan

Dan Holliday is energetic, informative and entertaining.

Excellent communication skills are the foundation of the services he provides.

Dan has a rare skill set in performance,  communication and teaching developed from an uncommon background  of 25 years in the acting business, thousands of professional appearances before live audiences combined with a remarkable variety of employment. 
He has worked in positions as diverse as administration, sales (a lot of sales), adult education, warehousing, security, labouring, trades, hospitality and cleaning.

This broad skill set and depth of experience has helped him to become a creative problem solver.

He has delivered presentations from the factory floor to the boardroom, taught adult education to trades apprentices and sat on milk crates in prison yards teaching inmates, he is comfortable in any company.

Dan possesses a natural wit; he is quick, lively and insightful with an engaging delivery.

“I especially enjoy working with youth and sporting groups to show how existing skills can be translated to improve other areas of life.
Everyone can build their own superhero.”