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Editing sales presentations and speeches for time, content, clarity and effectiveness.

Editing self help books for clarity, brevity and tone while maintaining the author’s voice and style.

Voice overs for broadcast messages, advertising and video or audio presentations.

Vocal recording for self-help books, novels.


​I want to say a big thank you to Dan Holliday. Dan is a Presenter, Coach and MC. A while ago, when Dan got wind of me writing this book, he offered to help out and read over it for me, I got up the courage to pass on the first chapter. It turns out that part of learning to present is also about getting your message in order, so Dan has been invaluable and I can tell you all, with all the people he has helped with their presentations and their improvement, he is worth every penny that you pay and more.

Two Television commercials for Toastmasters, a 30 second and a 15 second. I created the ads in the setting of a toastmasters meeting, wrote the scripts and edited to time, devised the shot lists, wrote the story boards, produced and directed the ads.  Thanks to David Tate, camera man and video editing. 

The 15 second TV commercial was more of a challenge to marry images and script to create the message in a much shorter time frame.

The big lesson in creating and shooting the two commercials was the value of doing the preparation thoroughly. With a shot list and story board in place and timings for each shot the filming was just a matter of following the plan.

Like in most things, good preparation makes the job run smoothly.

TEDx Speakers

Jolly Jacob

One more tick off my bucket list. The experience was beyond amazing.  Truly a dream come true. So many people came up and said my talk resonated. I am so grateful.

My deep gratitude to Dan Holliday voice and presentation coach par excellence who took me under his wing, edited my speech and taught me to breathe, a simple vocal warm up, voice modulation and expression.

Dan, you rock. You are an expert at what you do, have a huge heart and may all success be yours.

Kal Ientile

Hi Dan, I wanted to say a quick thank you for your help leading up to the TEDxCanberra conference this year.
It was my first time on the TEDx stage and I really didn’t want to stuff it up, plus the crowd was about 700 people larger than what I’d previously presented to.

Your coaching on stage presence was invaluable as it helped me with both the audience and the cameras. Most of all, helping me to cut a 15 minute topic down to 3 minutes, with the message clear and concise, was fantastic.

I walked off stage feeling really good about how it went and you played a critical role in making that happen. So thank you Dan.
PS here’s the link to the talk