MC | Master of Ceremonies

Conventions, Receptions, Special Occasions

Make the stars shine…

The job of an MC starts well before the day with thorough communication and extensive liaison with all the stake holders.

I am not the star of the show. ​​My job is to help the stars shine.

Corporate or Wedding Reception

​“My job is to guide people through the process to help them get the most from your special event.”

Dan Holliday as MC will take the audience through the transitions from one presentation to the next, lead Q&A sessions and discussions that will help to turn information into knowledge.

Dan helps to link the conference bringing together the individual parts into a coherent whole; he ‘joins the dots’ so everyone gets the best out of the conference. A good MC keeps everyone informed, anticipates and prevents problems to ensure the event runs smoothly. Dan liaises with the venue, the client and the speakers well in advance to ensure the client delivers maximum benefit to their audience. A good MC is not the star; he makes the stars shine so everyone looks good: the presenters, the client and the venue.