Dan is an engaging, passionate and humorous speaker. ‘Build Your Own Superhero’ will give you the power to change your life.

Build your own Superhero

Inside all of us is that superhero who will chase our dreams and do the things we won’t do.

Dan shows you how to build the person inside who will chase your dreams. He shows you what to do as well as how and why. He finds the logic and delivers a process for change, a template for improvement.

“By using some common acting techniques, I have built numerous superheroes for different reasons.”

With twenty-five years in the acting business and a great variety of employment, he has developed excellent communication skills. This broad skill set and depth of experience has helped him to become a creative problem solver.

“I especially enjoy working with youth and sporting groups to show how existing skills can be translated to improve other areas of life.”

We all have the power and Build Your Own Superhero will help you to unchain your dreams.